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Redefining what it means to thrive

A collective movement connecting a community of people who desire to create a better world by being better, happier humans.

A better life doesn’t start with what we have, but rather with who we are, who we choose to become, and how we connect with the world around us. If we want to see real change, it begins within each of us.

building a community

As we break free from the hamster-wheel way of life in search of meaning and purpose, we invite you to join us on our mission to inspire a more intentional way of living so that we can create more of the change the world needs.

Look around our world and you will see: inequality is growing, ecosystems are suffering, war is raging and hate is rising.

Most of humanity is living in the matrix, looking to others for solutions, locked in the thinking of their systems (culture, religion, education etc.), and from that perspective nothing major will change. Because, as Einstein so rightly stated: problems cannot be solved with the same level of thinking that created them.

Are you ready to change your thinking, understand your personal definition of thriving and realise your own power and use it for the good of humanity and our planet?

we want to see less pain in the world, and more hope.

The world is ready for change. Now more than ever we have to be bold, question the systems we’ve gotten so used to and raise our consciousness to come up with better solutions.

thriving planet thriving humanity thriving planet Thriving humanity thriving planet thriving humanity
thriving planet thriving humanity thriving planet Thriving humanity thriving planet thriving humanity
Why we're here

Our mission

Is to help you raise your consciousness to enable you to thrive by finding your values, your purpose and what thriving means to you. Help you move from competing to cooperating, enhancing communities and creating a ripple effect.
Let’s Thrive. Now.

FInd your values

Values drive our behaviour. Spend just a few minutes of your time to take this free assessment and receive a wealth of fascinating insights into why you do what you do.

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We have a vision to create events, retreats and festivals out in nature. There, we hope to connect young people with their insides, each other, nature and empower them to become the leaders of their own future; one that serves the well-being of themselves and the future generations. We want them to fall in love with themselves, their peers and the planet.

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Inside-Out Thinking

Are your actions based on your purpose, your values and do you thrive? Or are they based on other people’s opinions, and do you survive? Read this short pdf on why that matters and how to make that shift.


ambitions are bold.
Are you?

We'd like you to join us
Our People

get to know us

We’re a team of thinkers, dreamers and doers who have a vision of a happier, stronger and more inclusive world. Together we hope to inspire a movement.

Arunjay Katakam


I wanted to be super-rich. Now I want to change the world. Over 3 decades, I have slowly increased my consciousness — moving away from narrow-minded self-interest — to a desire to help humanity. I strongly believe we can create a world where everyone thrives. Come join us.

Nicole Dubois


After a career as a business leader in ICT, I had a spiritual awakening. Since then I have been a coach and spiritual teacher for 500+ leaders worldwide, supporting them to thrive in all areas of their lives. They call me their secret weapon ;). Co-creating Thrive Now inspires me to raise our collective consciousness even more. Let’s thrive!

Marc Convey


I’m thankful for the tough times I've had in my life, they made me the positive and resilient person I am today. Whatever was going on externally, I always found the answers inside of me. Now I want to help others to thrive and in turn, help our planet to thrive. 


Josh Morrison


Helen Scarr


A love letter from us

We’re not making any wild promises, instead we’ll send you a welcome letter and tell you a bit more about our vision. If you like us, you can stay, if not - go forth and keep being awesome.

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“We will be measured not by our earthly possessions but rather by what we leave behind in legacy and community.

thriving planet thriving humanity thriving planet Thriving humanity thriving planet thriving humanity
thriving planet thriving humanity thriving planet Thriving humanity thriving planet thriving humanity